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To Be Happy Essential Oil Blend 10ml


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To Be Happy is a powerful blend made with 100% pure, therapeutic Youngevity Essential Oils.

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To Be Happy™ blend promotes a happy state of mind, especially for children. It is useful to create a light mood and can help generate fun and joy in daily living. To access its qualities, use it as a personal fragrance, diffuse it, or spray as a mist. Use it any time of day to bring out the “child” in everyone.

This blend contains: Grapefruit-Pink, Green Mandarin, Orange-Sweet, Rose, Spearmint and Tangerine.
Key Emotions: Joy, Carefree, Happiness, Relief, Contemplative, Encouraged

Safety Notes: Safe for all ages. Phototoxic-avoid direct exposure to the sun or tanning booths for 12 hours after use on skin.

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