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Purely Purple Ghg 20 Tea Bags

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With Purely PurpleGHG, you can get your daily antioxidant boost, the old-fashioned way, brewing a delicious hot or iced cup of tea.

SKU: USRL000006


Two teabags a day deliver the full active dose of 3 grams of loose leaf Purple Tea with GHG and anthocyanins. That means you get to sip all the benefits of age-reversing antioxidants, fat-reduction, strengthened collagen for your skin, and support for ideal cholesterol and blood pressure. You’ll love the rich purple color of your tea, and the earthy natural taste which is pleasant to sweeten with honey or stevia as your prefer. Add a dash of lemon, too, and watch your tea turn a gorgeous pink from the high concentrations of GHG. Purely PurpleGHG is the perfect way to celebrate the beginning and end of each day, with a life-changing gift to your good health. Ingredients: Purple Tea

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