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Birch Sweet Essential Oil 10ml


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Birch, Sweet Essential Oil is a 100% pure, therapeutic essential oil produced with the highest level of standard and safety. Steam-distilled or cold pressed with non-destructive techniques to extract and preserve the integrity of the essence.

Country of Origin: USA

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Birch, Sweet Essential Oil is often used to help rebuild bone structure, but really provides support for a variety of bone-related issues. It has anti-inflammatory properties which may be helpful with fever, and/or to alleviate pain. It has also been used to help with skin issues, such as dandruff and flaky skin. Additionally, Birch, Sweet is shown to help with detoxifying, weight mgmt, water retention, and kidney and urinary tract related needs. Key Emotions: Wisdom, Sacrificing, Encouraging, Supportive and Openness Safety Notes: Contains methyl salicylate, similar to the active ingredient in aspirin. Use responsibly-do not over use, especially in topical applications. Keep out of reach of children. When applied topically, it may increase the anticoagulant effect of blood thinners. Youngevity Essential Oils come from the most respected and ethical distillers, free of additives, extenders or chemicals; delivering the purest, authentic essential oil. Each essential oil is organic, wild-crafted or ethically farmed.

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