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Green Wellness Tea 56g


Green is the ultimate green tea grown in the extremely high altitudes supplying even greater polyphenols that the best teas around the globe.*

SKU: USLD010018


L’dara’s Green Wellness Tea is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Because of the extremely high altitude at which it is grown and its proximity to the consistent climate at the equator, this green tea offers an extraordinarily high content of protective polyphenols and brain-boosting, stress-fighting L-theanine, for unmatched health promoting powers! This magnificent green tea is a product of Kenya’s renowned Kosabei Plantation and produced by a special process that delivers a superbly fresh taste that’s the closest thing to a visit to the tea plantation. We have enhanced the Green experience even more with organic herbs (spearmint, lemongrass and lemon verbena) and natural lemon flavor to provide subtle notes that harmonize beautifully with our world-class Kenyan tea.*

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